Core principles

Please read Bondi Innovation Alliance’s Core Principles below to understand what we stand for as an organisation. We are of course very open to input from our community in evolving these to fully represent our members.

For the community, by the community

The entire intent of Bondi Innovation Alliance is to create value for innovators in greater Bondi, and by extension to everyone in the region. Our focus is on connecting and enabling the amazing talent in the region as best we can, doing whatever is of most value to the innovation community.

What we do is in turn guided and shaped by the community. Our members’ role is to tell us what we can do that will most help them to succeed and contribute through their ventures. 

Value exchange 

All members of Bondi Innovation Alliance should be giving and receiving value with the community, the more the better! 

We ask all members to contribute to the community by teaching, listening, sharing ideas, making introductions, coaching, mentoring, supporting and caring. 

We also expect all members to benefit greatly from their engagement in the community, receiving value from others, either unsolicited or by asking for assistance. 

The commensurate giving and receiving of value is not with individual members, but with the community as a whole. Those who contribute the most will receive the most.

Experiment and learn

Bondi Innovation Alliance is an ongoing experiment, from which we hope to learn how to build an extraordinary and sustainable innovation community in Bondi. We will try many variations on types of events, pricing, team payment, resident arrangements, member communication, value exchange structures and more. The way we do things will evolve based on your feedback and activity data.

Learning is at the heart of what we stand for. We will learn through our experiments and activities, and we will strive to enable as much learning as possible for and between our members. 

Full transparency

Achieving our vision requires us to be financially sustainable, which means that we need to charge for our activities. The intention is that any profits will go into increasing our impact. Anything you pay for events, rent or services will go back into creating value for the community. 

We will publish detailed financial statements so you can see exactly what our costs are, how our revenue is spent, and that your support of Bondi Innovation Alliance directly and fully benefits the community. We are ‘by the community’, so we actively welcome feedback on how we can improve our business models to be financially sustainable and have the maximum positive impact.

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