Founding member welcome

THANK YOU for being a founding member of the Bondi Innovation Alliance community website! 

To make this grow as a community that brings together the amazing talent in Bondi we first need a critical mass of activity. We need your help to get this going, so when we open this to the public they can see the amazing members (you!) who are already engaged in the groups and forums . 

What we ask of you as a Founding member


  1. Register a full profile on the site. Please be sure to complete your social media so people can find out about you, and add your profile picture once you have confirmed your registration. 
  2. Join the groups and forums you’re interested in and post at least one comment or question in each of them. We need to build activity and momentum for the community to get traction when launched to the public. Please continue to engage as others join and post. 

Note that when we move to public launch ONLY those who have a complete profile and have engaged constructively on the site will remain Founding members.


  1. Connect to other members you want to connect with!
  2. Let us know if you have any specific feedback that will help us improve the site’s usability.
  3. Let us know if there are other groups or forums you’d like to see on the site! Would you be interested in hosting any of the groups? 
  4. Let us know if you might be interested in contributing any content to the site.
  5. After you have engaged on the site, complete this form providing your feedback on the user experience and your suggestions for improving it.
  6. Invite other Beta users who might be interested in joining the community and could offer useful input before we launch to the public.

We are currently aiming to do our public launch soon, so please register and engage on the site in the next week. 

Thank you!!!

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