BIA | Weekly Email — 21 Feb 2021

March is when it is all happening! Bondi Innovation Hub will open with our Residents joining us and our events schedule kicking off, full update below.  

Bondi Innovation Alliance is founded on four key principles, read below to find out what we stand for.

In this email:
  • Bondi Innovation Hub – Episode 2: Breaking walls!
  • If you want to be a Resident apply soon!
  • 4 principles of Bondi Innovation Alliance
  • Visit to Shuffle Studio
  • Members update
  • Bondi events calendar
Update on Bondi Innovation Hub!!

We are working really hard on making the Hub ready for kick off at the beginning of March, we’ve done a lot and still more to do!

Thank you so much to those who have volunteered by cleaning, sanding and painting, we are so grateful for your contribution to making the Hub happen! 🙏 

Our Hub Resident spaces are filling up!

Big news is that we have a group of absolutely amazing people already accepted for most of our Resident places in the Hub.

We have considerably more applications than spaces available, but are still looking for the perfect people for the initial group. Put in your Expression of Interest now or tell your friends who might be interested!

There are limited spaces and the process is highly selective so get in early.

The 4 principles of Bondi Innovation Alliance
For the community, by the community

We exist to create value for the Bondi innovation community, and by extension to everyone in Bondi region. The community shapes and guides what we do and how we help them.

Value exchange

Everyone involved in Bondi Innovation Alliance should be contributing to the community, and everyone should benefit . Everything our members do is about giving and receiving value. 

Experiment and learn

We will always keep trying new things so we can find out what works the best in helping the community, continually learning by doing, always evolving.

Full transparency

We share all our financial information so everyone can see that their contributions are only going to help the community.

Since we are ‘for the community, by the community’ your input on these principles is very welcome! They will of course evolve. 😃
Visit to Shuffle Studio

Last Friday Ross, Charles and Julia went on a trip to the amazing creative warehouse space Shuffle Studio in Brookvale to learn from what they do and how we can apply that to the Hub! Once a month they organize a music Jam, and we couldn’t miss it! It was amazing to connect with like-minded, talented people. We all joined in, Ross at the guitar, Charles at projections and Julia at the mic… what a night! Thank you so much for having us, we can’t wait for the next one.

Member Update
We now have 188 amazing members on the platform!

It’s growing fast, keep on inviting the right people to join, the more amazing people we have on the platform, the more valuable it is for YOU! 

Add your events to our innovation events calendar

If you want to know what’s coming up in the region, check out our Bondi Innovation events page.

Feel free to add your own events to the Bondi Innovation events page!
We accept any events related to innovation/ technology/ creativity in Sydney’s Eastern suburbs or virtual events organised by a Bondi local. 

Keep on being awesome!

Thank you for being part of the Bondi Innovation Alliance community.

See you on the community website, wishing you an amazing week ahead!

Ross, Julia, Charles and the Bondi Innovation Alliance team


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