BIA | Weekly Email — 28 Feb 2021

It’s a big day for us! Bondi Innovation Hub will be formally opened on 1 March with the Mayor of Waverley Paula Masselos.

Our inaugural cohort of Residents commences and our first public event in the Hub, Wellbeing entrepreneurs group meetup, is on Wednesday, with many more events to come.  

Read below about the story of how Bondi Innovation Hub came to be and more updates on what we’re up to!

In this email:
  • The story behind Bondi Innovation Hub
  • Wellbeing entrepreneurs group meetup 3 March
  • Lots more meetups and events coming!
  • Member update
  • Bondi events calendar
The story behind Bondi Innovation Hub

We have posted The story behind Bondi Innovation Hub on our blog, read it if you’d like to find out how this community initiative got off the ground! 

The story covers five years and the many people who were instrumental along the way in making it happen.

However the launch is far more a beginning than an end. The question now is ‘what is the fullest imaginable potential for innovation in Bondi and how do we make it happen?‘ Please join us in answering that question. 

Wellbeing entrepreneurs group meetup 3 March

We are excited to continue growing Bondi Innovation Alliance’s group meetups.

We will run a Wellbeing Entrepreneurs group meetup this Wednesday from 12 PM to 1 PM at our new Bondi Innovation Hub!!

For members of Bondi Innovation Alliance Wellbeing entrepreneurs Group (free registration) to connect, collaborate, learn together and grow their ventures. 


Lots more meetups and events coming up!

Now that Bondi Innovation Hub is ready we can get our event schedule properly rolling!

We will have monthly meetups for all our most popular groups, starting with Wellbeing entrepreneurs on 3 MarchTech startups on 9 March, and others to be scheduled soon for Green startups, Digital nomads, Social enterprise, eCommerce and Social media

We will also soon announce a launch party, a Supporting Women Entrepreneurs Roundtable and a range of other exciting events. 

We look forward to seeing you at some of the events! 

Member Update
We now have 212 amazing members on the platform!

It’s growing fast, keep on inviting the right people to join, the more amazing people we have on the platform, the more valuable it is for YOU! 

Add your events to our innovation events calendar

If you want to know what’s coming up in the region, check out our Bondi Innovation events page.

Feel free to add your own events to the Bondi Innovation events page!
We accept any events related to innovation/ technology/ creativity in Sydney’s Eastern suburbs or virtual events organised by a Bondi local. 

Keep on being awesome!

Thank you for being part of the Bondi Innovation Alliance community.

See you on the community website, wishing you an amazing week ahead!

Ross, Julia, Charles and the Bondi Innovation Alliance team


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