Resident policies

Connect and collaborate

Be friendly and open.

Those around you are your colleagues and hopefully friends. Be open to connections and conversations.

Look for opportunities to help other Residents.

Hub Residents are a collaborative community, helping each other as possible without distracting from their core endeavours. 

Be considerate of others

Be thoughtful on phone calls.

Understand the impact of extended calls in the main room, try not to speak too loudly, allow an environment of focus where possible.  

Do not disturb people’s work.

This is a workplace as well as a collaboration space, fully respect people’s desire to concentrate and interact when it is clear they are open to it.

Respect privacy and others’ belongings.

Your peers are often dealing with confidential issues, you must fully respect their privacy, confidentiality, and everything they bring to the Hub.

Be respectful of the space

Keep your space tidy.

You have your own space, it is your responsibility to keep it looking professional for the other Residents and our often inspiring visitors.

Always clean up after yourself.

Every Resident must leave everything at least as clean as they found it, including the kitchen and meeting rooms, no exceptions tolerated.

Take good care of the premises.

Don’t damage furniture, walls, or anything else, just be careful!

Last one to leave each day locks up.

We need to keep the place secure, if you are the last one in the Hub it is your responsibility to ensure the space is locked when you leave.

Fair usage

Reasonable use of Internet.

You get it, our bandwidth is for everyone. No torrents, constant massive file uploads and syncing.

Vacate rooms immediately if they are booked.

If a room is booked by someone, you must be out by the time the booking starts, no going over time.

Support the Hub

Tell your friends about the Hub and our events.

To make the Hub possible we need Residents and people attending our events, please spread word to your amazing friends! 

Share on social.  

Whatever your favourite platform, give us a shout out every now and then. Google reviews for Bondi Innovation Hub particularly appreciated!


No smoking.

To smoke you must go down the stairs, and be sure to leave no trace you’ve been there! Vaping is allowed on the terrace but not inside. 

Zero tolerance for harassment, bullying or offensive behaviour.

If this happens you’re out.

No pets. 

Unfortunately we do not currently allow pets to support a highly focused environment for Residents.

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