Initiatives to drive Bondi region as a world-class innovation hub

There are a wide range of specific initiatives that will help make Bondi region a world-class innovation hub. Our role at Bondi Innovation Alliance is not to drive these initiatives, but to support them and connect interested parties to help make them happen. Please get in touch at if you’d like to discuss any of these.

Potential initiatives to drive Bondi’s innovation success include:

Substantial co-working and innovation hub

It is essential for Bondi Junction to host a major innovation space, including not just a co-working space, but specific innovation initiatives, the presence of startup and research groups, and likely a corporate innovation space.

For example, Spotlight and Officeworks in Bondi Junction are sufficiently large at 4,000 – 5,000 sqm, and owned by Waverley Council with leases coming up for renewal. A well-designed innovation centre would be commercially viable and a massive boost to the region. Alternatively a commercial real-estate owner may recognise the value of catalysing the region with such an initiative.

Global accelerator program

There is clear potential to run a Bondi-based accelerator program. This would bring together at least one major technology company and top mentors from around the world, inviting global applicants to come to Bondi to build their companies for a 3 or 6 month period.

With already many internationally-successful Bondi-based reality TV programs, this too could be the subject of a compelling reality TV show.

Major startup/ innovation conference

A major startup or innovation conference, probably supported by a major technology company, could bring top talent from Silicon Valley, Asia and beyond, and attract attendees from across Sydney and Australia to experience the beauty and potential of the region.

Wellbeing and other focused startup clusters

A concerted effort should be made to attract a major marketing agency group or global technology company to relocate to Bondi Junction. Many of their staff either already work in the region or would be delighted to live here, and the CBD is less than 10 minutes away by train. Large creative and innovative businesses will attract and support an ecosystem of suppliers and complementary businesses.

Collaboration with key local and international organisations

Pointed collaboration with Australian-based organisations such as training providers e.g. (Academy Xi, General Assembly), innovation communities (e.g. Sydney Startup Hub, Australian Technology Park) as well as international innovation organisations (e.g. Singularity University, FabLabs) can generate specific local initiatives supporting the development of the local innovation ecosystem.

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