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I Shoot. I Edit. I Animate. I BRING IT!



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Moman Productions


About me

From planning, shooting, animating and editing, Moman Productions Brings It!

With over 20 years of experience in advertising on two continents, Moman Productions can lift your next project up not only with effective shooting but also state of the motion graphics at an affordable price that won’t make your eyes bleed. We’re specifically target small business owners who want effective videography done on small budgets. Interested? Well, get your fingers tappin’ and send him a kite!

My skills

AI, Content creation, Creative services, Events, Video

What I can contribute to the community

Affordable videography at a price that won’t make your wallets bleed. I specialize in Vox Pops, presentations and conferences along with and short, crisp highlight reels featuring all kinds of events. I’ve done these jobs all across Sydney and even in the United States.

What I'd like from the community

I’d love to just meet everyone and get to you. That’s how networking is done right? Bondi, including Sydney itself, is a massive community of small business owners and we all need to stick together and help one another out – especially during these uncertain times. As you’ll see, I’m a networker – and I love doing it!