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My greatest satisfaction is changing the way my clients think about their events. There are so many opportunities in this new world and embracing technology is at the fore of making a successful transition, so your business not only survives, but thrives.  I hope to be someone who helps people and businesses enter this space with confidence and feeling supported. 

I have a background in project management, SaaS, event management, business development and entrepreneurship across a wide range of industries and I take enjoyment out of being able to connect people and projects.

Always happy to have a chat – the more we share, the more we can grow, learn and seize opportunities!


My skills

Entrepreneurship, Events, Project management

What I can contribute to the community

I know that for most businesses, social distancing has made it harder to maintain client relationships and build new business opportunities. I create well-designed virtual event series’ to engage your existing clients and attract new ones, while establishing you as the expert in your field.  I can also work with you on new marketing strategies and sales processes adapted to virtual events.

I work with professional businesses in industries such as business services, financial advice, property, and wellness by:

 – Developing virtual event strategies to achieve business objectives

 – Running the events for maximum impact with minimum time investment from you

 – Establishing a platform for ongoing value-creation

So if you think any of the things I’ve discussed above might help you, feel free to connect and we can have a chat.

What I'd like from the community

I’m looking to connect with innovators, especially those in the AR/VR space.  I’m also looking for ideas, support and great conversations.


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