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About me

I’m the founder of MatchPay – innovating the world one invoice at a time.

My business background combines accounting, technology and communication. I was a pioneer of the internet in Australia and achieved a number of firsts – globally and nationally. I like all things new!

My skills

Digital marketing, Entrepreneurship, Finance/ accounting, Fintech, Social Media, Tech

What I can contribute to the community

I’ll be stalking people online – I love connecting with people and helping them connect to others who can help them on their journey.

And I’ll be social mediaing the heck out of any events or photo opportunities.

Apparently I think quite differently to most people, so if you want a new perspective or way of approaching something my clients tell me I’m really good at expanding their options.



What I'd like from the community

I like being a part of something bigger than I can create on my own – I’d love to grow with a group that stretches me and takes us all places we wouldn’t get individually.



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Cashflow technology creator & consultant


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