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Startups, connector, community



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About me

I deeply care about human connection, communities, well-being, wisdom, ethical/sustainable business that balances people, planet, profit.

Passionate about learning + using science, data, tech, economics, business as a force of good to create a better world for all.

Worked in the award winning Substation 33 – a social enterprise, E-waste facility. On firmware/hardware.

Worked in marketing and customer development for startups. Landing meetings with companies + potential investors.

Connected startups to investors, talent, opportunities.

Ran events and facebook groups/pages. Managed social media for a startup.

Ran a university robotics club. Been a mentor to university students and taught university engineering courses.

Past Board member for Youth Without Borders.


Enjoy writing:

1 of the fundamental challenges of humanity is to escape scarcity + zero sum games. Towards abundance and reaching our potential. A good society can be judged by its ability to allow its children to dream and reach their dreams.. In the way we reduce needless suffering and allow for a deeper sense of wellbeing and joy, love.



Connecting people, ideas, resources, opportunities.


Combining many fields to find insights + synthesize solutions and design products.

Disruptive + creative thinking.

Insight on where the world is going and trends.

Finding and solving problems. Eternal (super fast) learner.

Asking questions and critical thinking.


Passionate about:

People, serving humanity, learning, connecting, thinking, writing and growth.

Conscious living and business. Reducing suffering in the world. Creating a wiser world.

Public purpose and sharing the rain of progress/innovation with everyone.

Health, economics, startups, learning, personal development, podcasts.

My skills

Coaching/ personal development, Community management, Entrepreneurship, Events, Hardware, IoT, Marketing, Sales/ business development, Social enterprise

What I can contribute to the community

Connect you to the people, resources, ideas, opportunities that help you succeed and grow.

Run events, foster the community, manage social media.

Listen, ask questions, help you with your blindspots.

Find and solve important problems.

Code in Python, analyse data, find patterns.

Help with story telling.

What I'd like from the community

To connect to investors, startups and people changing Bondi, Sydney, Australia or the world for the better!

Work/startup opportunities


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