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Lead UI/ UX with more than 14 years of experience in UI- UX- Service Design, Research, Artificial intelligence, and Psychology.With a Ph.D. in Cognition and Motivation to Behaviour, three Masters in Organizational Psychology, Design, and Artificial Intelligence, and a degree in Psychology, I have strong experience in research and strategic design with expertise to apply cognitive principles and scientific methodology to assessing human-computer interaction.Over the past year, I have been leading research for eBay in multiple countries. Previous clients include Google, BMW, Bupa, Nike, Phillips, Woolworths, ASOS, Aware Super, AMP, ANZ, UBank, ZIP, Australian Government, Department of Education NSW, Blockchain, Billboard, and National Geographic.My background allows me to have a holistic view of human behavior, being able to approach all aspects of design from a logical and methodical process to bring a unique perspective into the design process, driven by empathy, strategy, and lateral thinking skills to deliver tailored solutions for my clients.I’m an accomplished leader with deep experience in consumer products, directly responsible for delivering products to market, leading teams through all phases of development, especially adept at helping organizations figure out what they should build next and how to create simple, delightful, and differentiated experiences.I am a problem-solver, visionary, and innovator with an inherent passion for acquiring new knowledge and understanding of a subject or behavior. I believe design is the intersection where logic and art coincide with human dilemmas and adaptability. I have the ability to work under pressure.My work has broken ground in novel technologies and applications, generated intellectual property, and won design awards. My career has spanned diverse contexts, including mobile, website, VR, AI, ML, wearables, London & Sydney Subway, and autonomous vehicles. My passion for humans, design, and the belief that technology can improve everyday life has been the driving force of my career.

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AI, AR/ VR/ XR, Design, Digital marketing, Entrepreneurship, Fundraising, Graphic design, UX/UI, Video

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