Rosanna Iacono on key trends in the pandemic

Rosanna Iacono, Managing Partner of Bondi agency The Growth Activists, recently did a video interview sharing insights on key trends in coronavirus times.

Rosanna’s insights include:

Homebodies‘ and what it means for organisations and workers.

Collaborative spirit, how it has emerged and what has come from that.

Necessary frugality and its implications.

Necessity to innovate and how we do that effectively.

Watch the video for Rosanna’s full insights!


  1. Rosanna, agree that the forced lockdown has changed things forever – and necessary frugality will probably be almost a generational thing from now onward – with whole groups of people graduating into a recession, high unemployment and crazy house prices. It might move people into more trades and a lot of BS jobs will probably evaporate. I think this is why our illustrious leader has been trying to force a fast re-opening – before people realise that a lot of consumerism is unnecessary and a lot of jobs are BS.

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