Bondi Shared Office Space

Bondi Innovation is looking into the possibility of setting up a small shared working space in Bondi Beach. A coworking space is almost impossible to make work given lack of commercial space and prices. However a shared space where everyone commits to an extended period could be feasible, minimising marketing and administration costs. 

This survey is to assess how many companies or people are interested and their priorities for the space. We still need to find the right space, but if we know what people want we can do a search and keep you informed.

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Bondi Beach Shared Working Space

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Number of people in team
How likely are you to move into the space we find something that suits you?*
1 - 10%
10 - 100%
How long are you prepared to commit for?*
What is more important to you, price or quality?*
1 - A decent place to work and hang out $500-600 pm
10 - A stunning place, possibly with beach views $800-1000 pm
Are you primarily looking for space or community?*
1 - Just a space to work
10 - A collaborative community

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