The dawn of the next phase for Bondi Innovation!

In late June we had just put in place fabulous foundations to make Bondi Innovation Hub really work. Then lockdown happened. That has, unfortunately, made it financially impossible to continue to run the space. However having residents in a physical space is not really core to what we want to achieve.

We absolutely intend to fulfil our original vision of helping make Bondi awesome with and for the many truly inspiring people here. Having residents in a physical space is definitely not needed for what we are trying to achieve, in fact freeing ourselves of the space will likely make it easier for us to focus on what matters and and have a bigger long-term impact on innovation in the region.

We will continue to connect and catalyse the extraordinarily talented people who live in Bondi region to enable inspiring innovation, ventures, creativity and value creation.

There is a massive amount we can and will do this year and in years to come to enable the potential of Bondi.

Once lockdown is over we will resume running events, often at larger scale than we have done in the past.

We are also launching a services marketplace (see below) to give work to talented locals as well as help Bondi businesses. Please let us know if you’re interested!

New brand and website redesign

You may have noticed that we have a new brand and visual identity! Check out our redesigned website at

Launching a Services Marketplace

A fundamental objective of Bondi Innovation is to provide work opportunities for locals, as well as fuel the local economy.

We are planning to launch some services provided by selected talented locals, focusing on digital services and corporate innovation.

We are looking for Expressions of Interest in being a service provider.

Also please let us know if you are interested in having talented locals provide high quality services for your business!

More on this coming soon.

Upcoming events

We are working on our events schedule for when we are able to run events again! Plans include:

Entrepreneurs Xmas Party! We have been running big, fun Christmas parties for many years. Fingers crossed that by December we’ll be able to do that properly!

Inspiring Entrepreneurs series. We will host amazing entrepreneurs who will share their lessons learned on the journey.

High-value education and collaboration sessions. We will host events to educate, inspire and connect Bondi innovators.

More details coming when we can.

33 Hall Street continues

While Bondi Innovation will no longer run the Hub, Bondi Innovation partners The Futures of Art and Bendy Reality are still planning to keep the faith as well as the space.

They are 100% looking for partners/residents/ideas on how they can in difficult times. Any ideas or suggestions, please contact


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