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Following our very successful initial events, join other generative AI leaders for fun, dynamic, focused conversations about current and emerging issues in Gen AI and its applications. Participants will include:

  • ​Founders and investors
  • ​Corporate leaders and innovators
  • ​Researchers, industry leaders and developers

​After brief introductory provocations attendees will select a series of topic tables for detailed discussions with their peers, rotating through three topics during the lunch.

​In an AI-assisted collective intelligence process we will capture, summarise, and share table conversations, with full conversation transcripts and summaries available to all participants.

​Depending on participant interest, discussion topics may include:

  • ​Gen AI and the future of work and organisations
  • ​Evolution of proprietary and open source models
  • ​AI agents: architectures, landscape, applications
  • ​Enterprise implementation of GenAI
  • ​GenAI business models and impact on corporate business models
  • ​AI dev stacks
  • ​Evolution of image, video, and 3D content generation
  • ​Humans + AI systems and interfaces
  • ​GenAI in robotics and physical systems
  • ​Multi-agent and collective intelligence
  • ​Creating positive societal impact from GenAI

​The lunch is hosted by Bondi Innovation and Ross Dawson

​Thank you to AWS for hosting the event!! 🙏

​Free registration for approved participants.

​See distilled conversation notes from our December 2023 Generative AI Leaders Lunch.