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My interest in joining the Bondi Innovation Alliance concerns primarily promotion of my light art macro photography and related videos under my artist name PLAY.


I am by training and primary career a scientist (mathematician/physicist) and IT Consultant specialising in model-based systems engineering and graphical software engineering.


However, I have a very strong artistic side, and I’m never happy just doing science and IT.


I was also previously (some years ago) a musician/performer under the artist name PLAY (including in Hamburg, Germany).


These days I get my artistic fix primarily through macro photography of unique light art that I create using a custom electronics lighting system I developed called the Drancel body motion light synthesis system. I have completely professional intentions with the incredible photographic images I capture, which can be already be purchased online as high quality framed or mounted prints.


I also make beautiful videos from the macro photos, which are featured on the Drancel video channel on Vimeo. While these videos can (and have been) used for projections at club and music events, my primary interest is to use them to support interactive gallery installations for the Drancel light synthesis system.


I am very interested in also featuring these videos as projections at community events. Long term I hope to feature the Drancel system in events like Sydney Vivid, and yes, even eventually project images and videos created using the interactive system on the Sydney Opera House!


There is in fact overlap between this artistic project and my technical career; the Drancel system was designed using model-based systems engineering, and I hope to also patent some of the associated technology and eventually manufacture and sell related electronics products.

My skills

AR/ VR/ XR, Audio/ music, Content creation, Creative services, Hardware, Tech, Video

What I can contribute to the community

I have an absolutely awesome high quality photographic setup: super camera, super tripod, a top macro/portrait lens, and I know exactly how to use it all (and it’s insured for my use off-site). That’s probably the most immediate way I could contribute.


I have a nice portable HD data projector (also insured for my use off-site).


I like working with hands-on hardware and kit: cameras, A/V, mixers, sound gear, mics, projectors etc.


I am not, however, willing to contribute IT skills or work at a computer in any capacity other than to present media and content. I spend way too much time on computers professionally and otherwise already. Joining this group is a way for me to get away from any directly computer-based work, software work, or web work.


I’m pretty handy also at video editing, but I don’t like spending hours and hours on computers editing.


(I don’t mind spending  some time selecting and cropping digital photos on a computer, it’s easy enough.)


A word on music


I have a quite nice small PA and a good quality small mixer, some old mics, and a lot of sound kit, but I don’t like moving them unless there’s a special occasion to do so (and someone nice to help me carry it all both ways).


The following may not be relevant, but I can sing, really sing, like an actual singer, and I run a charity singalong meetup group. I am also a very experienced bongo/percussion player, and I spent many years accompanying club DJs, although being older I’ve mostly left my live performance days behind.

What I'd like from the community

To be offline and with real human being people and away from computers and digital devices as much as possible (except for my digital camera and a data projector).


To connect with people who have an interest in the overlap between technology and art.


To find spaces to share presentation of artistic works (especially photography and visuals).


To find people who can actually manufacture and sell electronic devices and products in Australia (probably not so many of those in Bondi).