If you are interested in helping activate Bondi as a world-class innovation hub and connecting and catalysing talent in the region, please get in touch!

Some of the activities that will support our mission include:

  • Community engagement and moderation
  • Help improve the user experience for the community
  • Invite inspiring Bondi innovators to the community
  • Hosting groups on the community
  • Doing video interviews of prominent local entrepreneurs
  • Writing articles or creating other content of value to the Bondi innovation community
  • Help organise outstanding innovation events in Bondi region
  • Engage with government or corporates to support Bondi innnovation
  • Whatever else you feel will benefit Bondi region’s innovation talent!

Bondi Innovation Alliance’s objective is to contribute to the community and at this point has no revenue or external funding (though we hope that will change). We are looking for people who believe in our mission and want to be part of the alliance. In a few cases we might be able to pay contributors within our limited budgets.

You will be working with Ross Dawson and other members of the Bondi Innovation Alliance team.

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