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Why we exist

Our vision is for Bondi region to be a world-class innovation, technology, startup and creative industries hub. Bondi Innovation Alliance’s central activity is working to connect and catalyse the extraordinarily talented people in the region to help spawn and grow local ventures. We also lobby government and engage with corporates to support our common objectives

All about Bondi

This community is all about Bondi region, which we broadly define as including the Easten Suburbs and Eastern beaches of Sydney. We are focused on all innovation and entrepreneurship in the region. We welcome members outside of the region if they have a direct relationship with Bondi innovation activities other than promoting their services.


All engagement on the community must be with respect. Disagreement is fine, personal attacks are not. We have no tolerance for any intolerance or inappropriate language. 


We want to learn about what community members are doing, so by all means share about your work, company or activities, however please do so in an informal style and in extreme moderation, promotional posts copied from other social media will be deleted. Multiple promotional posts will be deleted and result in a warning and then member removal.

Warnings and removal

Those who break community guidelines will usually first be issued a warning. Repeated breaching of guidelines will result in the member’s removal from the site. For egregious behaviour a full ban will be immediate. The decisions of the site moderators are final. 


Please also see the website’s terms and conditions.

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