Bondi Innovators: Cindi Shaw on to GET

We were delighted to interview Cindi Shaw of to GET for Bondi Innovation Forum last week.

Cindi Shaw started the business to GET because she saw an opportunity to bridge the gap between local residents and their favorite local specialty stores. She recognized the potential of the numerous innovative and passionate businesses in Sydney’s eastern suburbs and wanted to provide a convenient way for residents to shop from them online.

Currently, her team has already onboarded several businesses onto the platform and is looking to expand further.

See the video with full transcript below to learn more about their initiative.


So we were honored to win Waverley’s brightest and best award and now to be featured with you guys on Bondi innovation. to GET is enabling local residents to shop their favorite local specialty stores via one website, one cart one transaction for their choice of clicking collectors delivering. And so their favorite butcher Baker, candlestick maker is now available with the added convenience of shopping online.

I was privileged to be bought up in Sydney’s eastern suburbs. And now I’m raising my family here. And as you know, we have a plethora of innovative local, passionate businesses in this area that there was a natural fit, obviously, to do that. We’ve already on boarded a number of businesses that would be well known to like the fish shop, the one that got away on Bondi road, and called these quality cuts in Plumer, a pasture pantry, and now we’re looking to expand the range of businesses that we have on the platform. So if you’re a local business and would like to come on board with us, please reach out to me directly or via Bondi Innovation. And if you’re local residents and love and value your local businesses and would love to get on board with us in the convenience of shopping online, please check us out at to


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