Bondi Innovators: David Hayes on Jeeves Plus

We were delighted to interview David Hayes of Jeeves Plus for Bondi Innovation Forum last week.

David has founded several companies spanning various industries, starting them from scratch. Throughout his journey, he has experienced both successes and failures, with each serving as valuable learning opportunities.

His fervor lies in establishing global customer service that is both cost-effective and efficient, utilizing the latest technologies. Furthermore, David Hayes is dedicated to addressing language barriers as a crucial aspect of his work.

Watch our interview with him as he explains his mission to provide a cost-effective and efficient communication solution for hotels and businesses in Australia and soon overseas.

See the video with the full transcript below.


Look at it’s interesting. Jeeves Plus is a multilingual customer service platform. We are and we empower companies to engage with 133 languages. And really how it all started was that we saw that there was an opportunity by which we could provide a cost-effective and efficient methodology by which hotels, and businesses can communicate with not only the English, but also that the multiplicity of communities that we have in Australia. So it’s been a very exciting venture where not only in Australia, but we’re just about to launch overseas and it’s been fun seeing it all evolve over the last five years.

Well, I’ve been at Bondi since I’ve been six. It’s been coming down to the beach for a long time. We live in the Waverley district, and it’s an I run my business from my home and have for the last 14 years, and it’s been just a fantastic place to live.


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