Bondi Innovators: Diego Ribeiro on Sweezy

We were delighted to interview Diego Ribeiro of Sweezy for Bondi Innovation Forum last week.

Diego Ribeiro is the founder of Sweezy, a platform that empowers internationals and young locals to go beyond traditional resumes and connect with businesses. With a passion for fostering self-expression, he launched his business in Bondi, Australia, a vibrant hub where diverse personalities converge.

In this interview, he shares how Sweezy reintroduces charisma and personality to the hiring process.

See the video with the full transcript below.


So Sweezy is a platform that’s designed to bring back charisma and personality into the hiring process. So the way it works is very simple. So business, advertise vacancies as videos, promoting their company values and culture where is job seekers that uploaded a picture of themselves, telling them why their perfect match for the business. So that makes it easier for hiring managers to look into those videos into profiles before even inviting for an interview. That way they save time and money cutting through the noise.

I am an international local from Bondi and that’s where I start my journey in Australia. So what I wanted to do is really to create a platform where internationals and young locals can express themselves beyond the resume the old fashioned resume when it comes to connecting with businesses. So in Bondi is a perfect place where you can find a mix of different character, different personalities to showcase just that and that’s why I chose Bondi to launch my business in.


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