Bondi Innovators: Ross Dawson on Bondi Innovation Alliance

For the recent Bondi Innovation Forum we also featured an interview with Bondi Innovation Alliance founder Ross Dawson, who is working to help bring together the energy of the amazing talent in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs.

Watch this interview with Ross as he explains his intention to ignite the potential of exceptional entrepreneurs and creative talents in Bondi.

See the video with the full transcript below.


I’m a futurist and parallel entrepreneur, I have multiple ventures, but one of them is Bondi innovation, and setting up innovation, to catalyze the potential of all the extraordinary entrepreneurs and talent and creative people we have in the Bondi region that attracts the most amazing people here. And yet, they’re not all connected. So first thing is, well, what is the potential of pulling all these people together who are attracted by the beauty and the wonder of the beach in the ocean and the energy from that to be able to connect them who they are what they do to great new ventures, but also there’s a bigger vision, where if we look at the Greater Bondi region,

Bondi Junction is the center. And I believe that we have a potential to create a innovation precinct in Bondi Junction, that’s a whole block, which will involve universities and research centers, and certainly incubators, accelerators, co working spaces, but really a place where talent from around the world would come to make this a true center of excellence. So while the innovation is really about catalyzing the innovation potential of Bondi, which I believe is extraordinary.

I believe me, and possibly for quite a few other people, Bondi is the best place on the planet, we have an extraordinary Beach, where you can swim all year out, it’s close to an airport, it’s close to a global city. And there’s such an incredible community of people who are healthy, who are well, we’re focused on their well being of sharing and creating for others. So this is the place I choose to live a place where many other people that I think are wonderful, also choose to live. And so this is a place where I want to be able to make it possible for good things to happen from place to a good place for my ventures to grow and to build and to prosper. So it’s a question of saying, Well, I want to live here. And I also want to work here, and I want to see the full potential of the people of Bondi to come to fruition and this is a great place to create ventures with a global impact from a place of incredible beauty.


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