Bondi Innovators: Stephen Hunt on MusicHealth

We were delighted to interview Steven Hunt of Music Health for Bondi Innovation Forum last week.

Steven Hunt is an accomplished visionary leader with extensive experience in healthcare, media, technology, and music industries. He has led successful teams, driven business growth, and made significant contributions in programmatic media, music industry management, and co-founded Music Health, a venture dedicated to making music therapy universally understood and accessible.

Watch our interview with him as he shares how their business aims to revolutionize healthcare by harnessing the healing power of music, starting with their first product, Vera.

See the video with the full transcript below.


Hi, my name is Steven Hunt. I’m the Co-Founder of Music Health. And music health is a business which is on a mission to transform healthcare with music. So, if you think about any ancient human civilization, Incas, the Aztecs, even the indigenous people of Australia, they all use music to heal. And we’ve forgotten about it with the discovery of pharmaceuticals, that some music in some circumstances can be even more powerful than a pharmaceutical like in dementia care. And that’s where we’ve started with our first product, Vera.

I mean, what’s not to love about Bondi, it’s the most amazing place where you’ve got the intersection of the beach, access to the city, great restaurants, great cafes. It also happens to be where I live. So and because we are a distributed team, which is quite modern these days. Of course, it’s the future of work. We do come together twice a week at my house, and we love being able to just go for a swim at lunch or even some people are going before or after work, and really getting that work life balance that Bondi offers. So where else would you want to work?


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