Bondi Innovators: Tim Alexander on Data Fetch

Last week we had the pleasure to interview Tim Alexander of Data Fetch for the Bondi Innovation Forum 2022.

Tim is the Founder of Data Fetch, an app for Slack and Microsoft Teams that allows users to pull data from basically any application or database that their organisation is using. DataFetch enables users to save time, reduce distraction, and become more productive. Rather than having to go hunting for data in different silos in your organization, DataFetch users can make the data they want come to them. Using the /datafetch slash command, users can search multiple data sources at once, view details on specific results, and share those results with other users.

Tim is an entrepreneur who moved from NYC to Bondi to find inspiration and meet inspiring people.

In this interview he discusses this along with how he sees Bondi’s future growth.

Reach out to Tim on the BIA platform or on Slack to discuss content creation, Software development, Tech and Web development.


My venture is Data Fetch. Data Fetch is an app for slack and Microsoft Teams that allows users to pull data from basically any application or database that their organisation is using. So whether it be Salesforce or redshift or air table or HubSpot, or kind of doesn’t matter, the idea is to make it so that your data can come to you in a very easy way directly in context in the conversation that you’re having. Well, I’ve always been a integrations guy I have. And I’m probably historically as lazy as any given developer or technology guy out there. And so at one point, I started using some tools that made data from JIRA of all places come to me where I was working in a spreadsheet, and I really just got obsessed with this idea of data is already available in so many different ways from these applications. But we just, we still have to hop through a bunch of hoops, and go through a bunch of outdated user experiences, just to get to the little nugget of information that we need to make a decision or talk to our boss or talk to a client. And so I started getting obsessed with this idea of what does it mean to make data come to you where you are. And that’s where data fetch came from. So far, we have been doing a lot of presentations to a lot of people in the Salesforce world, air table world, like lots of different kinds of sub segments of the enterprise software space, in general, with really great responses. We are hearing a lot of really great things from the from people who run communities on Slack, hearing a lot of great things from people who run customer service departments or client success management departments that are oftentimes underserved with internal tools. And oftentimes, those internal tools themselves are very techie. I want to create a full on enterprise software company that is really focused on not having a user experience of its own as much as it’s making data come to you wherever you’re working. So we’re starting off with collaboration platforms, like Slack and Microsoft Teams. But we’re going to then migrate over into email platforms like Gmail and Outlook, and then into PowerPoint and Google Slides. And really any place where people are just actually doing work. Rather than making you come to us, we’re going to come and bring all your data to you. So that’s is we’re going to build a whole company with as very little end user interface as possible.
Innovation and bond, I think, is such an essential interesting and greenfields thing. You know, Vonda has got a very unique environment and a unique subset of people that are just a little bit more creative. It’s a little bit more. I don’t know, it’s it’s hard to it’s hard to put your finger on but the when you’re when you’re at some of these events that Bondi innovation has put on and when you meet people, we’re just kind of in the bond community in general, it’s not as contrived and it’s not as weird car salesy as some of the events that I’ve gone to, in the middle of the CBD in Sydney, it’s just a little bit more authentic and friendly and welcoming. And when people see what you’re working on, you’re, they’re like, Ah, I could do something with that, or, ah, you should do this. And like, they may not even like want to necessarily get anything out of there, just like, ah, they have cool ideas. It’s very natural out of the spirit out of the scene. So that’s, that’s why I’m into it. I think to tap the innovation in Bondi I think, one you you you do have to be out of not just for money play you have to do something that is about bringing like real passion to what it is that you’re doing because like I did have the vibe the there’s so there’s so many passionate people there’s so many people who are like, you know, like they’re they’re whether they’re into fitness, or they’re into nutrition, or they’re into hiking or whatever, surfing. I mean, everyone, everybody in Bondi I think that’s the the unifying theme is this, like this kind of level of passion for what it is that they’re doing and kind of like really doing something that is making, making their little subset of the world either better or more enjoyable and more. You know, it’s just a passion to build things up. And I think that if you can bring those people together and if you can bring it there As people are bringing ideas that are all kind of like let’s just build each other up I think that you just it’s just right it’s just so right for people to come together


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