Making Bondi a world-class innovation hub

Welcome to Bondi Innovation Alliance! We have previously shared our vision document and described key elements of the vision and potential initiatives on this site. It is now time to share some more context on the initiative.


I had the idea for the Bondi Innovation Alliance in a conversation with the talented urban planner Annika Ussel (who did an excellent job of designing our vision document). There is massive potential for the region, but very little is being done by any relevant government authorities or anyone else to help bring that to fruition.


The intent of the Alliance is simply to bring together those who believe in the innovation potential of the region so we have a strong common voice and can together help achieve worthwhile action.

The first point to make is that Bondi Innovation Alliance is not intended by itself to undertake major initiatives such as establishing a major innovation space in Bondi Junction. Its aim is to do everything possible to make these happen by framing the opportunities, supporting those who undertake them, and connecting and catalysing resources from all interested parties. We are an alliance.

Starting by bringing together the right people

Our first objective is to bring together a group of key interested participants and influencers in the Eastern Suburbs business and innovation ecosystem to discuss and agree the most important and promising initiatives. This will allow us to set a program of action in place.

In particular we want to access and bring on board the right people in local, state and federal government, major commercial real estate investors and managers, large technology and creative industries companies, and of course local entrepreneurs. If you can think of people who would be interested, in the first instance please get them to get in touch with us via email or our signup form.


We also hope to start organising relevant evening events to bring together the technology and creative communities in the Bondi region. Please pass on our Events and community manager ad to anyone you think would be great for this role.

Important foundations towards a compelling vision

The vision for a highly dynamic world-class creative and innovative region in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs is both compelling and achievable. But there is much to do to bring that to reality, starting with establishing a large well-designed innovation space in Bondi Junction, and building on that with initiatives such as a global accelerator program that brings top international talent to the region.

Kicking off and gathering support

It is important to note that I personally have limited time available for this initiative, with already on my plate multiple ventures, significant global travel, and the massive project of writing my next book. Even so I thought that it was worth establishing Bondi Innovation Alliance in the hope that it will attract sufficient interest and energy to take a life of its own.

Please do get in touch and support us if you too believe in our vision, or would like to shape and create what you believe is an even more compelling vision for the Bondi region.

Your ideas

We are happy to publish here posts from for anyone who has thoughts on how we can best catalyse the potential of the Bondi region.


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